How we use Technology

This service can be offered using our own Repair Team or using your own Repair Team

One of the key areas in property management is dealing with geniune repair requests in a fast efficient manner, minimizing the cost to the owner and delivering a good report for every repair.
To this end we have developed 2 apps wich work hand in hand with any repair team.

Tenant Repair Request Application

Tenant Downloads the application. Tenant views the youtube video “Tenant Repair Request”. When they have a repair issue:

  • Take photos
  • Write in description on each photo
  • Check their contact details
  • Upload it to our system

My work Order Application

The work order app has many functions but the main ones are:

  • View the work orders which includes appointments date and time, tenant         contact information, the repairs needed, photos from tenant if provided
  • Make new appointments with the tanants if necessary
  • Before and After photos and notes for each work order item
  • Before photos for repairs needing assessment and costing
  • Notes section for the Repair Team member
  • Notes section for the Tenant
  • Digital signature for the tenant to sign off on repairs completion or not