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Using Technology

Let's us make your life easier!

The details of How We Work

Let us take the stress and expense of dealing with repairs.

No more direct phonecalls or emails about repairs. We take the headache of dealing with tenants and contractors away from you so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our professionnal team take the calls, the emails from tenants and liaise with the Repair Team to get the repairs done in a fast and efficient manner.

The cost savings to you are significant in terms of staffing costs and time.

For each of our clients we sit down and agree how it will work as most of our clients like a bespoke service.

You can still use your existing repair contractors.

Our repairs support team carry out many functions which include the following:

Our Support Team

  • Liaising with the tenants and property managers on all repair requests
  • Answering all phonecalls and emails from the tenants using dedicated phone numbers for each Property Manager
  • Preparing work orders
  • Scheduling appointments with tenants for the repairs
  • Liaising with the Repair Team to carry out the repairs
  • Following up with the Repair Team to ensure appointments are met and repairs completed
  • Liaising with the owners to get necessary approvals and funds for the approp repairs
  • Liaising with the tenants to ensure they are satisfied with the repairs
  • Verifying the completed work orders and uploading it for the owner or property manager

Our team are all trained personnel in all aspects of property management

Best Technology

Tenant Repair Request Application & My work order Application

Support Team

Contacts with tenants, contractors, appointments, invoices…


Detailed work order reports, including before and after photos

To offer a faster, cheaper and more transparent system for repairs

Using technology