It’s a Win

for everyone involved in the process of every repair

Who Benefits from this service


Full detail for every repair.

Knowing that the repair was done and needed to be done.

The timelines on getting it done.

Proper independent control.

Proper transparency for every repair.


Significant time and cost savings on administration for every contractor i.e. no need to send before and after photos on an email, allocate jobs directly to sub contractors, verifies reasons for no-show appointments by tenant or sub contractors, no need to send emails on work partially complete etc so on average time saving of minimum 20 mins per job, big or small.

Property managers

Saves staff time with phonecalls, emails from tenants.
Saves staff time on phonecalls and putting work orders on the system to contractors.
Saves time on chasing contractors to get work done, photos, etc.
Allows managers to provide a very professionnal report for owners.
Allows manager to verify work easily.
Significant reduction in staff costs.

How it all works together

1. Support Team

If it is from the Tenant Repair Request App then they view the photos and the notes which the tenant uploaded.

If it’s an email or phonecall from the tenant or Property manager they review it.

Call the Tenant to confirm details and make an appointment for the Repair Team.

Prepare a work order.

All the information is uploaded to The Repairs Master portal.

Then it is over to the repair team manager.

2. Repair Team Manager

Reviews and assess the Work Orders received.
Checks the details and then allocates to a Repair Team Member i.e Contractor.

3. The Contractor

The Contractor reviews the work orders each day to see what jobs have been allocated to him.

Attends each repair at the appointments time

Uses the Work Order app during his repair which will upload all the information to The Repairs Master Portal.

When the Contractor has uploaded the completed repair then the Repair Team manager can access the portal to view the report and make any comments or changes.

4. Repair Team Manager

Reviews the completed Work Orders.

If it’s for an assessment of the repairs, he can edit the Repair Team members costings and then approve a final quotation for the work which is then uploaded to the system.

If it’s completed repair, he can convert it to an invoice on our system.

Finally back to the Support Team.

5. Support Team

The Support Team then assess the Work Order to verify that everything is correct. They ring the tenant to confirm that the tenant is happy with the repairs and also with the Contractor.

If the repair is complete and everything is in order they confirm with the Accounting division that the invoice is ok to be paid.

The completed Work Order which contains all the photos, notes, final invoice etc is then made available to the owner.

If it’s an assessment, they advise our Customer Care team who then communicate the Work Order incl the quotation directly to the owner to get his/her approval for the repair and to transfer the necessary funds.

They follow up with the owner to confirm when the funds are transfered.

Once the funds are in the relevant account they make an appointment with the tenant and communicate with the Contractor to start the work.

To this end we have developed 2 apps wich work hand in hand with any repair team